Art and Design


My path of creativity began to flourish when I learned how to do black and white and color developing at age 15. As I moved into digital photography, my imagery began to change dramatically. I could now do 

many of the things which were not possible to achieve in darkroom production. 

My images are a combination of working with my photography and computer programming to produce surreal landscape collage prints. These worlds are inhabited with individuals and creatures whose origins are of my making and photographed personages of my wife’s soft sculptures.

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Digital Art and Design

Sky and House

We produce work for advertisers, magazines, and others.

A New Vision

Mr. Rabbit


Different and unique.

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Books and Publishing

Selecting and arranging sequences of my imageries to my own play with words melded into a storybook format which introduced me to the world of publishing. 



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The Liriodendron

My path in the arts and connections with various artists and art communities has culminated with a position as a gallery director at the Liriodendron Mansion in Belair, Maryland

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